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Top 8 Best iPhone Spy Apps

Phone Call Recording Call recording records phone calls on iPhone in both ways. Spy on Media Files iPhone Tracker allows you to access all media files remotely. Email Tracker Know exactly what emails being sent from their iPhone.

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What is iPhone Spy Software? How to Install iPhone Spy App? How to Spy on iPhone?

Trick for turning your iPhone and AirPods into live spy mic goes viral - Business Insider

There are many iPhone Spy app but only one has the quality that comes with experience. Our spy app for iPhone has over features , which is more than any competing product. Many of these features are unique and cannot be found with any other iPhone spy software. We gives you information, insights and clues that no one else can. We are the only iPhone monitoring software with real-time call listening.

Start Monitoring In Just 3 Steps With BlurSPY

We have a no quibble refund policy. And even more spying features.

This iPhone Feature Allows You To Spy and Listen to Conversations From Far Away

See Address Book Get entire address book with all names, phone numbers, emails etc. See Call History View call history and get the name of the contact from the address book. Sim Notification Get a notification when the user changes the sim card. Platform Change You can move your software between different platforms. Check Battery Levels Check battery levels remotely from your web account. Call Notification Get notified when a number you specify calls or is called. Web Based Control and Monitoring. Uploading logs are totally hidden and can be done by any available connection method - Wi-fi, or Network Data.

Control Panel is easy to use and it provides all the captured data in a single report. You can browse categorically in captured data.


You can mark as important, print, or export download. You can see target device current GPS location remotely or historically movements on a map. Hidden Remote Control Change Application Settings Remotely After installation spy software you simply log in to your web account and you can then use the specific control center.

There are calls from unusual or withheld numbers? Flag data for convenient analysis.

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Search for reports or create downloadable reports. As Seen In.

All rights reserved. If you want to covertly snap a photo or video, your smartphone's a fantastic tool Mobile Hidden Camera for Android is about as stealthy as it gets. The app lets you take pictures from a totally blank screen, or even inside a fully-functioning notepad app. And get this: if you type a designated kill word into the notepad app, it'll immediately erase all the photos and videos you've taken. We've also seen other hidden camera apps that can take pictures when you whistle, or when they detect motion.

You'll have to figure out how to hide this one yourself, but some recent phones including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus let you capture ultra high-speed video and slow it down for buttery smooth playback. Which means that nobody in the world can type a password into a device fast enough that you can't follow their fingers.

There are so many reasons a good spy might need a thermal camera attachment for their smartphone , but one immediately comes to mind: keypads. When you're trying to infiltrate a facility, wait for someone to punch in the code—then look for the residual heat left by their fingers. Assuming they don't wear gloves. You're inside the facility.

Now what?

The most powerful and Hidden iPhone Tracker

Don't get caught! Just one of a collection of snap-on smartphone tools recently introduced by the company. Depending on what kind of facility you'll be infiltrating, it might not hurt to check your radiation levels. Believe it or not, you can do that with this app and your smartphone's camera. Even the US military is using it. Time to signal for backup. What do you use? How about a laser pointer so small it can fit into your iPhone's headset jack?

Here's how it works. You turn it on, and then you point your iPhone's microphone at the person you want to hear speaking. Then, you can hear what they have to say through your hearing aid or AirPods, carried over the air through Bluetooth. It's intended for people who use hearing aids to hear better in noisy environments, like in in a crowded restaurant or in a lecture hall. Of course, it's not intended to be a full replacement for a hearing aid, which can cost thousands, but a helpful feature for anyone who might need to hear better in a given environment.

If you think you need hearing aids, you should still speak to your doctor. But if you have an iPhone and a pair of AirPods, it's easy to test out and see if it could help you. Here's how you do it. First, you need to turn the feature on in your control center. Turn on Hearing. Business Insider. Then put your AirPods in your ears.

spy mic for iphone Spy mic for iphone
spy mic for iphone Spy mic for iphone
spy mic for iphone Spy mic for iphone
spy mic for iphone Spy mic for iphone
spy mic for iphone Spy mic for iphone
spy mic for iphone Spy mic for iphone

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