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On completion, the file will be saved on device and uploaded to your online account. One thing to make sure is that the target phone must have Internet connectivity to send the remote command. As a parent, you will be able to monitor what your child is talking about with their friends and acquaintances. This will help you keep a check on your child and save them from potential harm.

As an employer, you will be able to monitor if your employee is leaking any company information to other people or not. A simple command and record what they are talking about over lunch, dinner or at a party. You will not be required to root your Android phone to use Live Recording feature.

Ambient Voice Recording - Listening to all voice surrounding noise

Therefore, your phone warranty will stay intact. Login to your admin panel and start listening live recording online.

Availability: Available. Reference: Notify me when available Add email. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Add to cart Add to cart. DVR phone call recorder is a piece of hardware dedicated for people with defined needs, wanting to check the loyalty of a husband or wife, or monitor their business partners. Phone call recorder - DVR with Bluetooth technology combines functions of a standard device for recording sounds in the immediate surroundings, and a bugging system for phone call recording.

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Voice recorder is a multifunctional audio recording device designed to meet the specific needs of customers looking for an alternative to standard bugging devices. The device is detected by your system and establishes a connection with it. From the moment of connection you can conduct and record calls , receive calls, choose the last number through the recorder without carrying a cell and without arousing any suspicion.

An external microphone increases the usability of the device, as it allows for discreet live recording of conversations. Hide the voice recorder in your pocket and place the cord with a microphone under your clothing.

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This allows for easy recording of an important call, or gathering relevant evidence. The phone call recorder has a built-in memory of 4 GB , which allows to store from 47 to hours of recordings. If you need to use the device constantly, you might want to use removable microSD cards up to 8 GB, which are supported by the recorder. It allows to lengthen recordings and also to store and archive them in a very simple way. Due to their small size, the cards can be safely hidden. The voice-activated recording function allows you to save memory card space, because the device records only the important moments when sounds are detected in the vicinity, while irrelevant silence is ignored for your convenience.

An extremely useful feature, especially when you have a defined time in which the recording should begin. An extremely important feature of DVR is its very effective power management, which allows you to leave the recorder unattended for almost hours. This feature allows you to get location of the people attached to the map so that you can get the exact location.

You can know the location of your children. Know whether your employees are in the office during the time of office hours. A spouse can track their partners and know where they are.

How To Use Your Phone As A Secret Audio Recorder

Sms spy — this feature allows you to keep a track on the entire text message that is you can get all the details of the text message. You can know the date and time of the text message when it was delivered or made. You can get all the information of the contact to which the message was sent or received. Spy call — this is the best feature as it allows you to spy all the calls whether they are received or dialed by the person.

You can get all the recording of the calls, details such as date and time of the calls asalso provided to you. It allows you to listen to all the call at a real time.

How To Record Secret Voice from Android Mobile

Call recording — this is one of the best tools that helps you to provide all the recordings of the calls. Whether the call was received or called, all the details related to the missed calls are also provided. You can get the entire call recording without any interruption. Ambient voice recording — this feature allows you to record all the noise of the surroundings. You can make a call on the target phone and listen to all the voice and the chats that are going on behind the target person.

This feature also provides you all the details of calls such as time date of Call. You can get the recordings of about 5 to 4hours daily.

WhatsApp Spy — this feature helps you in spy all the WhatsApp conversation such as the chats,pictures, videos and audio files that are being shared during the time of the conversation. You can get the date and the time of the conversation. Social chat monitoring — this feature allows you to monitor all the chats that are being made on the social chat monitoring.

This helps you to know whatever that is done on the social sites. Catch cheating spouse — there are many partners who cheat on their spouse.

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